Washington Square

You’ll find many happy residents in the Washington Square area of Pasadena. In recent times, it has seen somewhat of a renaissance. The majority of the residences in this historic neighborhood date back to the 1910s and 1940s, providing the region its key selling point: unique architecture. These Spanish, Craftsman, and Traditional houses sell quickly because their buyers envision a beautiful blend of old and new after renovating the interiors. Typical home prices in this area begin at about $750,000.

The median home in Washington Square (also known as Orange Heights) costs $1,090,600, making it more costly than 78.2% of California neighborhoods and 95.5% of American areas. Based on our most recent data, the average monthly rent in Washington Square is $2,550. The present rents are cheaper than in 62% of all California areas.

Upon initial impression, a neighborhood’s aesthetic qualities, such as its houses and environment, are often the most significant aspects of its appeal. Although at first glance two seemingly identical locations may have vastly different vocational and cultural groups, the true character of a given area may not become apparent until one has lived there for some time. This area is unlike any other for a number of reasons.

Having the option to walk around their area is a perk for many people who drive or take public transportation to get to work. Most people don’t know this, but many of the best tourist destinations in the United States are also easily navigable on foot. Washington Square is one of the most walkable areas in all of America, ranking in the top five percent.

Washington Square is a great neighborhood for college students and their families to live in because of its diverse population, low crime rate, and convenient accessibility by foot. According to NeighborhoodScout’s research, it is a better option than 87% of California areas for college students. This usually also indicates that there are facilities and services available in the area that are tailored to the needs of college students.

The range of a neighborhood’s wealth—from extremely wealthy to middle class to impoverished—has a significant impact on its identity. The percentage of the population that falls below the federal poverty threshold is very crucial, especially in regards to the plight of children. When significant percentages of child poverty are seen close to affluent gated communities, it may be a sign of broader socio economic problems. This area is characterized by a mix of high income and low income households.

Washington Square in Pasadena is a moderate income neighborhood since its residents fall in that income range. According to our exclusive data, this area of town is wealthier than 53 percent of all American neighborhoods. Twenty-five percent of the children in this area are living in poverty, making it the 75th most impoverished area in the United States.

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