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We are Pasadena Roofing Co, a team of experienced professionals who know what it takes to get the hard jobs done. Roofing is a job that requires the right tools, the right expertise, and the right attitude, and at Pasadena Roofing we’ve got all three. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor Pasadena, CA, look no further.

Roofing is something we take for granted until problems arise but being proactive about it is the best way to avoid problems down the road. We cover a wide range of needs to give our clients the protection their homes deserves. Don’t settle for less and contact us to get the job done right. Contact a roofing company Pasadena CA locals can depend on!


Commercial Roofing

It isn’t just homes that require roofing. It is also businesses. If you’re a business owner, you know that protecting all aspects of your business is essential. Call Us today!


Roof Repair

We provide high-level roof repair conducted by a team of experienced and capable professionals. Contact roofing companies in Pasadena CA locals can rely on!


After Storm Damage

In the event of storm damage, having experts who will come promptly and offer high level, effective service is essential.


Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is important to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof. Roofing in Pasadena just got easier!

Roofing in Pasadena

We service clientele of all backgrounds with a huge variety of needs. We work with both residential properties and commercial properties. If you have a roof, and you need it fixed, no matter what your building’s requirements are, chances are we can help. We roofing Pasadena CA, and the surrounding areas, and we’ve left behind a large list of satisfied clients. Your home and your business are important assets that should be protected at all costs, so investing in roofing is investing in your future. With our roofers, you can ensure your property stays protected. roofing Pasadena CA companies are reliable and dependable!

The Importance of Roofing

Everyone understands that roofs are important. Whether it is for your home or your business, it is apparent to anyone that you need a structurally sound roof over your head. But people tend to forget about their roofs until problems arise, and this is not the best path to take. It is best to always be aware of how your roof is holding up and make the necessary preventative decisions to protect it. If your roof sustains damages, then calling in experts is the obvious next step. 

Roofing can last decades if done right, which is why many houses that were built or had roofs installed decades ago now require roofing services. A key component to the importance of roofing is that it isn’t a service you should require often. According to a 2013 report, every year over 5 million roofs are replaced, showing how in-demand and necessary this service is.

Roofing is also important because it can get rid of potentially toxic elements that have infiltrated the home, namely mold. One statistic has estimated that 70% of homes have mold within them, and it can pose a serious health threat over time. Roofing services are a huge part of combatting mold. If there is mold in or on the roof, it can pose a risk to a property’s residents, but roofing services are there to get rid of it. When searching ‘roofing Pasadena CA‘ be sure to give us a call!

Another reason why roofing is important is that it quells the risk of water damage coming from above. The annual cost in the U.S of water damage is $13 billion. While most water damage occurs from household appliances malfunctioning, roofs are also a significant culprit when it comes to this issue.

The main reason roofing is important is that it is an investment into the longevity of your property. Without a high-functioning roof, your house is vulnerable to all kinds of damage. The roof is the hard outer shell of a property, and it needs to be taken care of. Contact a roofing company Pasadena CA locals can depend on

roofing contractors pasadena ca

Pasadena Roofing Contractors

Most property owners know that it is better to be too prepared than not prepared enough. Many things are out of our control in this world, but one of them that isn’t is how structurally secure our roofs are. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, are all natural and out of anyone’s control. But how ready and capable your property is to handle these natural acts is up to you.

In 2019 alone, 14 different major weather events caused at least $1 billion in damage to land or property. While there’s no way to make your property fully weather-proof save living in a bunker, there are ways to make your home or your business more built to withstand some of Mother Nature’s more unpleasant moments.

A roof that is recently built or recently repaired is much less likely to suffer damage from typical weather events like hard rainfall. Older roofs are the culprits for a lot of the damage homes experience. While some weather events can overpower just about any roof, having a new or recently repaired one will decrease the odds of your home suffering from weather-related damages.

Increase Your Home’s Value and Marketability

For most people, their property is likely the biggest asset they possess. Having a high-value home can essentially serve as your retirement money if you sell at the right time, so everything possible must be done to protect your home and increase its value.

If you’re selling your home in California, it is the law that you disclose any defects with your property. This includes flaws in the roof. If you disclose that the roof of your home is old and flawed, your home will immediately lose a significant amount of value and be harder to sell, because no one wants to buy a home that is going to require additional investment to fix its flaws.

Having a newly repaired or replaced roof will go a long way towards making your home more marketable, and many experts say the cost of a roof repair or replacement can pay for itself when you’re selling by increasing the home’s value.

One 2019 report by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry said that clients typically recoup 107% of the cost of roofing when they are selling their home due to the value it adds to the house. The same report said that 33% of realtors have said a new roof has helped them close a sale, which is a substantial amount. A different report by the Remodeling Magazine claims new roofing can increase a home’s value by over $12,000.

Roofing contributes to making your property more sellable and raises its value. Your home is your most important asset, so making sure you are enhancing that asset rather than letting its value slip is a great way to give yourself long-term financial stability.

With Pasadena Roofing, our goal is to help homeowners create the house of their dreams. As a roofing contractor Pasadena CA who has been in the industry for years, we’ve dealt with homes of all different sizes, and different needs. We are the team to call when you’re looking to increase your home’s value and marketability through roofing.

Get Your Dream Home

Everyone has a vision in their head of what they want their ideal home to look like. When you’re buying a home, you’re making one of the biggest commitments of your life. Having your home be perfect for you and your family is of the utmost importance, and roofs are a big part of this.

A good roof does more than just protect your house, although this of course the primary job. A good roof adds to the aesthetic value of your house and gives your house a look that you can be proud of.

With different styles of roofing that can match your house, you can choose the one with the perfect look to make your house your dream home. The image we all have for our houses is different, but with many great roofing options, you can find the one that aligns with the image you have.

Our team has a full inventory of top-of-the-line roofing materials, with different ones for different home needs.  The goal of our roofing Pasadena CA is to make your home look great and keep it safe.

Your roof isn’t just to keep the rain at bay, it is also one of the first things people see when they look at your house. That is why we take great care in our installation process to make your roof look perfect, helping you get closer to your dream home. Pasadena roofing companies are committed to providing amazing roofs for your homes!

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

There are two primary kinds of roofing that most services fall under the umbrella of repair and replacement. Repair is for times when a roof doesn’t need an entire structural overhaul. If a single tile is cracked, or if there is some type of damage that isn’t problematic to the entirety of the roof, then a repair is your best bet. Repairing a roof is still a large undertaking, as many different problems can call for a repair, each requiring different methods or tools to be solved.

roofing in pasadena ca
roofing in pasadena ca

A roof replacement can occur even when there is no damage to the roof as a whole. Sometimes it is best to go for an upgrade, and roof replacements can provide that. There are also times where a roof is so structurally damaged that a replacement becomes necessary. Roof replacement is a larger undertaking than roof repair, as it requires that the old roof be taken apart, and an entirely new one be put up in its place. While this is a large job, it does not need to be done consistently. If you get an entire roof repair, in many cases it lasts up to 50 years, so your initial investment will bring you sustained peace of mind.

Knowing which type of job, you require done isn’t on you. The average person isn’t a roofing expert, so it makes sense to bring in those who are. We are a roofing contractor Pasadena CA who has years of experience analyzing and diagnosing problems with roofs. With a consultation from us, you’ll learn exactly what the problem your roof has, and how to fix it.


At Pasadena Roofing Co we offer a wide range of services to fit a variety of different customer needs. We understand that when it comes to roofing, it’s not one size fits all. That’s why we’ve tailored our offerings to help customers with whatever roofing problems they might be having. Roofing Pasadena CA is what we specialize in, and this consists of several different things. Here are some of the different services we offer:

Roof Repair

Roofs are impermanent. They don’t last forever. For any number of reasons, a roof can fall into disrepair. If this is the case, your property can sustain serious damage. Don’t wait around for the problem to get worse, as it can end up becoming extremely costly. If you’re looking to hire a roofing contractors Pasadena CA, you can do no better than Pasadena Roofing.

We provide high-level roof repair conducted by a team of experienced and capable professionals. Many different roof repair services might become necessary depending on what the issue is. We can re-shingle roofs, fix leaks, repair eavestroughs, and fix whatever other issues might need repairing.

As roofing contractors Pasadena CA, we understand that your roof is essential to the safety of your home, and we have the expertise and industry experience to handle any number of problems. Our roof repair services are wide-ranging and will help you prevent further damage to your roof and home.

Don’t wait for your roof issues to get worse in the name of saving money. A damaged roof can lead to significantly greater costs than the price of repairing services, so be proactive and contact Pasadena CA Roofing for our roof repair offerings. 

When it comes to roofing, you need to have the right build. Roofs are your home’s first line of defense against the elements, and if your roof isn’t constructed with the right materials, your property’s structural safety can be in jeopardy. That is why metal roofing presents a great option for property owners. We are one of the roofing companies in Pasadena CA that offers full-service metal roofing for our clients. We offer roofing Pasadena CA locals can depend on!

A metal roof provides property owners with a roof that offers strong resistance to the elements, with waterproofing capacity and great longevity. It provides owners with great resistance to wind damage as well, making it one of the most desirable forms of roofing.

Metal roofing offers an alternative to asphalt shingles that could help property owners save money long-term. While there is an initial investment, having a metal roof protects your house for the long haul, as well as providing great ventilation.

There are multiple different kinds of metal roofing, from tin to aluminum to copper to galvanized steel. There are also different roofing profile options and additional enhancements that can allow your roof to stand the test of time.

As a roofing contractor Pasadena CA, we offer a full range of metal roofing services that will give our clients decades of protection.  Metal roofing will provide your property with high-quality, durable roofing that looks great, and functions at an extremely high level. Contact us to learn about pricing, options, and more! Roofing companies in Pasadena CA will provide you with the best metal roof!

Commercial Roofing

It isn’t just homes that require roofing. It is also businesses. If you’re a business owner, you know that protecting all aspects of your business is essential. Your businesses’ storefront or offices are the heart of your company and having a secure and well-built roof is integral.

At Pasadena CA Roofing, we offer top-tier roofing Pasadena CA. Whether you are looking for installation or repair, we can handle whatever needs your business requires. If you are looking for roofing for condominiums, storefronts, strip malls, hospitals, or anything in between, we handle projects of all sizes.

With a group of experienced experts, our roofing contractors Pasadena CA will help you get your business/property equipped with its ideal roof. The great thing about roofing Pasadena is that if done effectively, it will last for incredibly long periods. The liability of having a faulty roof can pose a serious threat to your business, so the value of an enduring roof can’t be overstated.

There are tons of great options for service roofing Pasadena. With different materials and add-ons available, you can customize your roof, so it is perfect for the unique needs of your property.  If you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor Pasadena CA, we are the business that can provide you with the roof your property deserves. Pasadena roofing companies work with both commercial and residential contractors!

Roof Cleaning

Roofs are like any other part of the home: if you simply ignore them, they’ll get dirty! Just like you need to clean your floors and tidy your kitchen, every once in a while, you must get a good roof cleaning done. Roof cleaning is important to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof, and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, it could present some serious issues in the long run.

Having your roof cleaned will help in making sure your roof lasts longer. If you consistently have your roof cleaned, then you can avoid the need to repair or replace your roof, which costs much more and is a significant project you’d rather steer away from.

Roof cleaning will extend the life of your roof and can protect it from harmful forces like moss, algae, and mold. Roof cleaning will also get rid of the buildup of things like leaves, branches, and other natural objects that might not present a problem on a smaller scale but can severely damage your roof if they’re allowed to accumulate.

Roof cleaning typically requires experts, because it involves bleach, specialized tools, and professionals capable of handling the dangerous aspects of the job. As one of the roofing companies in Pasadena CA who specializes in roof cleaning, we have the right team to help you get the job done.

Our team will clean your roof to ensure that it stands the test of time. Don’t let your roof fall into disrepair and contact us to provide your house with the care it deserves. Call a roofing contractor Pasadena CA locals can depend on!

roofing contractors pasadena ca

Storm Damage

Roofing in Pasadena CA never was easier for your storm damage repair. Weather is unpredictable, you never know when a severe storm is going to hit. In the after-effect, many homes, unfortunately, suffer some serious storm damage. This can hit a roof quite hard, and cause issues that will pose a serious bother to homeowners, from leakage to holes in the roof.

Largescale water damage, falling branches, hail, or wind damage can all create problems in your roof that will require experienced experts to fix. Wind damage can lead to missing shingles and worn-off granules. Hail damage crack shingles and create weak spots in the roof. Falling branches can create cracks or holes in the shingle or even the roof as a whole. Water damage causes leaks and mold.

In the event of storm damage, having experts who will come promptly and offer high level, effective service is essential. If you’re in the Pasadena, California area, you’re in luck. As experts in roofing Pasadena CA, we can assist to get your roof back to its highest functioning.

Storm damage repair can consist of many different services, depending on what the cause of the damage is. At Pasadena California Roofing, we’ve seen it all, so we can assess what the damage is, and find effective solutions to fix it. We have seen it all when it comes to roofing Pasadena, so we can handle a wide variety of different storm damage issues. Contact us to learn more about what we provide.

Why Roofing in Pasadena?

As Pasadena, California residents, we know and love the area. We have a team of industry leaders who have been in the roofing Pasadena CA game for years, and it is our top priority that we leave behind us happy customers, and perfectly repaired or replaced roofs.

With customer service that is unmatched and prices that are as competitive as they come, we have all you are looking for when it comes to roofing. We also offer consultation opportunities, so we can assess the damage to your roof and come up with forward-thinking solutions. We know that roof damage can make for an extremely stressful situation, so we do everything possible to make it easy on our clients. When search roofing in Pasadena CA, be sure to click our name!