San Rafael Hills

San Rafael Hills may be found to the west of Old Town. Also, this region was built in the 1940s onward as an enclave for Pasadena‘s upper class, making it one of the city’s wealthiest communities. The 210 freeway cuts this neighborhood in half north to south, yet both sides still boast plenty of trees and luxurious mansions priced at $1 million and more.

Large mansions, winding roads through the hills, and seclusion are the hallmarks of the north side (as well as proximity to the Annandale Golf Club). Next, two-bedroom bungalows south of the motorway are popular with young families and singles starting out in their careers. Contrary to popular belief, San Rafael Hills is not a great place to raise a family. If you want a place where your kids can safely play in the streets and ride bikes, you should probably go elsewhere.

San Rafael Hills, one of Los Angeles’ most affluent communities, is ideal for those who want to be close to the action while avoiding the hustle and bustle. The natural beauty of San Rafael Hills is stunning, and inhabitants love how easy it is to get into the city.

The San Rafael bank of the Arroyo Seco was left undeveloped for decades as Pasadena’s eastern side expanded in the 1870s. In 1875, the San Rafael Winery started making wine from grapes planted on fifty acres of ranch land. San Rafael Winery, situated on the shores of Johnston Lake, was among the most successful wineries in the late 1800s, when Southern California was a top-tier wine-making region.

In the 1870s, a tunnel was dug through a nearby hill so that vineyard carts could finally get access to what would become known as Avenue 64. The excavation at Burleigh Drive and Laguna Road has produced the eastern rim of Johnston Lake. Today, a homeowners’ association oversees the private upkeep of the huge mansions that line the lake’s shores.

People who live in San Rafael Hills appreciate being close to a major metropolis while being removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. A gourmet takeout catering business, a liquor store, a real estate office, and a restaurant make up the entirety of San Rafael’s commercial sector, which is considerably smaller than that of its neighboring municipalities. Views in San Rafael Hills are some of the best in the city. To the north are the San Gabriel Mountains, to the east is an arroyo, and to the southwest are the hills of Los Angeles.

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